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R Tutorial Videos

calendar_today 2020-10-28 - person Stephen

While learning Statistics & R in my first semester of the Data Analytics Graduate Certificate at Northeastern University I found the following videos to be helpful in augmenting my understanding of the material covered in the courses I was taking. I’m publishing this list to hopefully serve other R beginners as well. Note: I scraped all of the YT links in 2017 so some may be dead links by now.

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Lifting Restrictions: A Comparison

calendar_today 2020-05-10 - person Stephen

View this project on Github The following is a look at COVID-19 Cases & Deaths data from the New York Times since stay-at-home orders were imposed (or since April 1st if they weren’t). The dates and details of stay-at-home orders and their lifting are from the Washington Post article “Where states are reopening after America’s shutdown”. Pettit’s Test (a statistical test for changes in trend) trend::pettit.test is performed on each set of data to determine where there is a shift in trend (if any).

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calendar_today 2020-02-29 - person Stephen

Intro All code for this project is hosted at This project has been absorbing most of my attention from January to February 2020 and is the result of about 90 hours of input. The topic, political science, is one that I find particularly engaging, and am easily moved to delve deeper into. I hope that you find the work equally as intriguing and educational! If you choose to read the full analysis, you’ll find that the intro below is also found in the full analysis - so if you plan on reading it, go ahead to the main page.

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A Biographical Meta-narrative

calendar_today 2020-01-15 - person Stephen

2017 Maybe my findings are unique to my own experience, or perhaps pointing to an actual fact about reality - but I haven't found the human experience to be accurately portrayed by the predominating mission-oriented narratives so commonly espoused in Western culture. We aren't born with some inherent mission or purpose, we just come into being. Life doesn't require justification. I personally find color and vividness in interaction by arriving fully into the present, accepting humanness, and allowing mutual interests, inspiration and potentialities for cooperation and mutually beneficial action to arise naturally out of the conversation in an initial encounter.

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First Post

calendar_today 2019-12-29 - person Stephen

RPubs All R Markdown documents prior to the date of this blog post are published on my Rpubs. Future works As I continue to explore data with R and derive insights I’ll be posting new content on this blog. Stay tuned!

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