R Tutorial Videos

YouTube Videos on R consulted during my Masters in Health Data Analytics

While learning Statistics & R in my first semester of the Data Analytics Graduate Certificate at Northeastern University I found the following videos to be helpful in augmenting my understanding of the material covered in the courses I was taking. I’m publishing this list to hopefully serve other R beginners as well. Note: I scraped all of the YT links in 2017 so some may be dead links by now.

Column Descriptions

tags$ol(tags$li("Category: An accessible category classifier"), tags$li("Link: The hyperlink to the video"), 
    tags$li("Desc: ShortVideo Description"))
  1. Category: An accessible category classifier
  2. Link: The hyperlink to the video
  3. Desc: ShortVideo Description
rvids <- readr::read_csv("../../static/Rvids.csv")
rvids <- rvids %>% dplyr::rowwise() %>% dplyr::mutate(Link = as.character(htmltools::a(href = Href, 
    Title, target = "_blank"))) %>% dplyr::select(Category, Link, Desc)
widgetframe::frameWidget(DT::datatable(rvids, extensions = "Buttons", escape = FALSE, 
    options = list(pageLength = 10, dom = "Bfrtip", buttons = list("copy", "print", 
        list(extend = "collection", buttons = c("csv", "excel", "pdf"), text = "Download")))))