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Welcome to the Mindful Life

Can I contribute to what inspires you?

I offer presence of mind, practicality, creativity, provocative questions, organizational and process-oriented logic to bring ideas into reality.

A holistic, integral notion of health in which the health of the individual organism is inextricably interconnected with the environment in which it's embedded (natural, social, systemic etc) has served as a guiding principle for my endeavors.

I bring a background in the health sciences from an undergraduate degree in behavioral biology and neuroscience. I continue to follow the field as well as developments around the philosophical questions of consciousness. I practiced as a Licensed Massage Therapist and am currently a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500) and long-term meditation practitioner. More recently, a Masters in Health Data Analytics has conferred a specialization for applying the tools of data science to health.

I can contribute diverse technical skills.
  • R Statistical Programming Language
    • R scripting
    • R Markdown
      • HTML
      • PDF
      • Poster
      • Reports
    • ETL
    • Statistical analysis
    • Machine learning
    • API Interfacing
    • Web scraping
    • Browser automation
    • Blogdown/Hugo static site generation
    • Shiny/Flexdashboard (web apps)
    • See R-Experience for more info
  • Wordpress
  • HTML
    • Bootstrap framework
  • CSS
    • Sass/SCSS
  • Javascript (novice)
    • jQuery
  • PHP (novice)
  • Hugo (novice)
  • Git
  • Check out my résumé for more depth.

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I hope that through collaboration we can contribute value to one another in unexpected ways.